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High power radiator material advantages and disadvantages

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捕鱼之海底总动员破解:High power radiator material advantages and disadvantages

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海底总动员主题曲 The function of the high-power heat pipe radiator is to absorb the heat and then dissipate it into the chassis or outside the chassis to ensure the temperature of the computer components is normal. The heat sink material refers to the specific material used for the heat sink. The thermal conductivity of each material is different, and the thermal conductivity is arranged from high to low, which are silver, copper, aluminum and steel. Different material heat sinks have their own advantages and disadvantages, let's take a look.

Aluminum radiator: Aluminum radiator has lower price due to differences in raw materials and manufacturing processes; fast heat dissipation and light weight; disadvantages: alkaline corrosion occurs in alkaline water. Therefore, it must be used in acidic water (pH <7), and most boiler water PH values are greater than 7, which is not conducive to the use of aluminum radiators.

Steel radiator: various shapes, to meet the needs of modern people to pursue individuality; rich colors, adapt to different colors of home decoration style; light weight, small water capacity, use more environmentally friendly. Disadvantages: If the internal anti-corrosion process is not adopted, the radiator will leak and leak.

Steel-aluminum composite radiator: The radiator has low water capacity, high heat dissipation efficiency, and the heat dissipation is basically equal to copper-aluminum composite (10% lower than copper-aluminum composite). It is very suitable for household heating metering heating system; overall product resistance to torque (strength) ) Double the copper-aluminum composite product to ensure the normal installation and use of the product; excellent thermal stability. However, it must be treated with an internal anti-corrosion process.

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