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High-voltage high-power IGBT passed the identification

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4399小游戏海底总动员:High-voltage high-power IGBT passed the identification

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海底总动员主题曲 When riding on rail vehicles such as high-speed rail and subway, you may not have thought that the 6500V IGBT, which is the "heart" of the electric drive system of vehicles, has always relied on imports. Yesterday, with China CRRC's fully independent intellectual property rights 6500V high-power IGBT chip and module products passed the appraisal in our city, breaking the situation of foreign monopoly. IGBT heat pipe radiator

As a new generation of high-power radiator power semiconductor devices, IGBT is recognized as the representative product of the third technological revolution of power electronics. As a key component of automatic control and power conversion, IGBT is widely used in new energy, rail transit, smart grid and other fields. Taking rail transportation as an example, high-voltage and high-power IGBT modules are called power “cores” in electric transmission. It plays an important role in the key components of the system.

The reporter learned from the press conference that as the main unit of research and development of high-voltage and high-power IGBT products, the company is responsible for the packaging design and development of domestic 6500V/200A IGBT modules, applying independent design and fully localized production related chips, and packaging modules with independent intellectual property rights. It provides a strong "China Core" for China's rail transit equipment and related industries. The above IGBT module is mainly used in China's railway locomotive auxiliary converter device. At present, three stages of power unit testing have been completed. Among them, the locomotive loading and running test has exceeded 50,000 kilometers.

"Before, there is still no manufacturer in China that can realize the local industrialization of 6500V IGBT chips. All the chips used in China's motorcycles rely on imports." Academician Zou Shichang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told the reporter that the high-voltage and high-power 6500V/200A IGBT modules were released. Breaking the foreign monopoly and changing the situation that domestic high-voltage and high-power IGBT modules are completely dependent on imports, marking that China has the world's highest voltage-grade IGBT module design and manufacturing technology with complete independent intellectual property rights, and has reached the level of commercial application, relying on technology, The advantages of price and other advantages make China a world leader in the IGBT manufacturing industry.

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