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        Academic Scientific Complex "A. V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute" (the Institute) of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established in 1952 as the Institute of Energetics of the BSSR Academy of Sciences. In 1963 it was given a new name - the Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the BSSR Academy of Sciences, and in 1990 the Institute was transformed into the ASC HMTI.
   The Institute comprises 27 scientific laboratories and departments, a design and technological department, experimental mechanical engineering workshops, and an editorial-publishing department. As of January 1, 2000 the Academic Scientific Complex numbered about 600 staff members, including 30 Doctors of Sciences, 130 Candidates of Sciences, and 261 scientific workers.
   The main area that the Institute involves includes tens of fields such as capillary-porous bodies, disperse systems, low-temperature plasma technologies, energy-saving heat and mass transfer technologies, membrane mass transfer systems, heat-pipe heat exchangers. Specially, the Institute is recognized as world authorities in heat pipe fields, and becomes organizer of the famous World Heat Pipe Conference.
   The good cooperation between Anming and the Institute could be traced up to 1994, when heat pipe as high & new heat dissipation technology for electric& electronic components in industry fields was firstly introduced into China, and the mechanism of technology communication and visit exchange was made and fixed later on. On irregular basis, Anming R&D people are sent to Belarus, the doctors in the Institute visits Anming in return, to discuss technology processing, heat pipe trends and item development etc.
   Among those remarkable from the Institute that technically support Anming, Mr. Leonard L Vasiliev, Mr. Leonid L Vasiliev, and Mr. Victor Vasiliev are specially introduced with visit China times. Mr. Victor was ever awarded medal of International Friendship by Chinese government, and was warmly met by Mr. Zhou Jia Hua, previous Vice Premier of the State Council.
Till now, as the result of cooperation from the Institute as its partner and technique backstopping, technology innovation in Anming is firmly ensured with products being developed and improved.

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